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Qualified Saddle Fitter

Barn Calls for Saddle Fittings & Inspection


5/19/20 Update! Josh will be starting fittings again on 5/26 and we will be reaching out to all requests ASAP. Request a saddle fitting towards bottom of page.

As of 3/20/20 saddle fittings are currently postponed. We will take appointment requests and contact you as soon as fittings can begin again. 

Josh has worked on a large variety of English saddle brands over 15+ years and is trained under the Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Fitter guidelines.

Barn calls are typically performed Tuesday - Thursday early in the morning to early evening. Areas traveled to are Central/Eastern Massachusetts and Southern NH. For a group of 5 or more other areas in New England may be considered. 

Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of time is needed per horse & rider. It is recommended that you are available to ride during this time to provide a complete fitting service consultation. Someone must be available to handle your horse if you are not present. Tracing copies are available upon request during appointment.

Fitting/Flocking Charge: $130* a saddle

Travel Fee: Within 40 miles one-way from our Royalston, MA workshop it is $45 a person. For travel over 40 miles one-way there will be an additional $.55 a mile round trip charge.

Additional miles travel fee can be divided between clients with a minimum charge of $45 per client. Additional travel fees may apply if only coming out for one fitting.

For cancellations under 48 hours a cancellation fee of up to $175 may be applied.

 Payment must be made at time of appointment. Cash, check or credit card payment is available.  *A $5 discount will be given for cash and check payments per fitting

Fee's referenced above are effective as of February 2020

Contact us using the form below to schedule your fitting or ask us any questions you may have!

Points of Saddle Fitting

Wither Clearance:

Wither clearance should be 3+ fingers for normal withers.
Gullet Width:
The saddle should have 2.5-3 fingers of channel width.

The center of the saddle seat should be level while on the horses back.

Saddle Tree Size:
The tree size should match the horses withers.

Panel Contact:
The entire panel must touch the horses back evenly and should not have any rocking motion.

Saddle Length:
The saddle panels should never sit past the 18th rib.

Saddle Balance:
The saddle should not move to the left or right when riding.

Saddle Tree Angle:
The saddle tree points should be parallel to the horses shoulder angle.

Saddle Tree Width:
The tree width should be wide enough for the saddle to fit during the dynamic movement of the horse. 

Points of Saddle Fitting from the Society of Master Saddlers

Please Use Form below to schedule a saddle fitting!

Schedule a Fitting

Josh typically performs saddle fittings Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 8am-7pm!

We will try our best to accommodate your availability. You or someone else must be present to handle your horse during the saddle fitting. Approximately one hour is needed per saddle.  Tracing copy is available upon request during appointment. Please note if you are not present and do not ride in saddle during fitting the fit of saddle cannot be guaranteed.

Fittings are $130 per saddle + $45 travel fee

Please note travel fee is for 40 miles from Royalston, MA. Additional fee's may apply for longer distances or for seeing only one saddle within our coverage area.

A cancellation fee may apply up to $175 if appointment is not cancelled within 48 hours before scheduled fitting. Please contact us as soon as possible to re-schedule.


Payment must be made at time of appointment. Cash, check or credit card payment is available. A $5 discount per fitting will be given for cash and check payments.