English Saddle Fittings


Points of Saddle Fitting

Wither Clearance:

Wither clearance should be 3+ fingers for normal withers.

Gullet Width:
The saddle should have 2.5-3 fingers of channel width.

The center of the saddle seat should be level while on the horses back.

Saddle Tree Size:
The tree size should match the horses withers.

Panel Contact:
The entire panel must touch the horses back evenly and should not have any rocking motion.

Saddle Length:
The saddle panels should never sit past the 18th rib.

Saddle Balance:
The saddle should not move to the left or right when riding.

Saddle Tree Angle:
The saddle tree points should be parallel to the horses shoulder angle.

Saddle Tree Width:
The tree width should be wide enough for the saddle to fit during the dynamic movement of the horse. 

Barn Calls for Saddle Fittings & Inspections

Josh has worked on a large variety of English saddle brands and is trained under the Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Fitter guidelines.

Barn calls are performed Monday - Friday early in the morning to early evening. Areas traveled to are Central/Eastern Massachusetts, Southern VT, Southern  NH, North Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. For a group of 5 or more other areas in New England may be considered. 

Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of time is needed per horse & rider. It is recommended that you are available to ride during this time to provide a complete fitting service consultation.

Fitting/Flocking Charge: $120 a saddle

Saddle Inspection Only: $45 a saddle

Travel Fee: Within 40 miles one-way from our Royalston, MA workshop it is $45 a person. For travel over 40 miles one-way there will be an additional $.55 a mile round trip charge.

Additional miles travel fee can be divided between clients with a minimum charge of $45 per client. Additional travel fees may apply if only coming out  for one fitting.

For cancellations under 24 hours a cancellation fee of $30 may be applied.

Contact us to schedule your fitting or ask us any questions you may have!