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Josh at the annual SMS National Saddlery Competition in 2017 with his custom small business saddle.

Who We Are...

Joshua M. Siegel, Saddler/Saddle Fitter

Society of Master Saddlers Master Saddler & Qualified Saddle Fitter

Kate Siegel, Office Assistant

Siegel Saddlery is a family operated business that opened in 2010. 

In our free time we love to spend time with family & friends, travel, play with our furry family members Maggie(Lab who loves to swim and fetch a stick!) and Lexi(friendly cat who loves to get in to the wool flocking) and attend equestrian events.


Certifications & Trainings

Society of Master Saddlers(SMS) Master Saddler - 03/2017  

 - SMS Qualified Master Saddler - 03/2016 

 - Training & Exams at The Saddlery Training Centre, Salisbury, UK - 02/2016

Society of Master Saddlers(SMS) Qualified Fitter - 11/2016

 - SMS Qualified Fitters Course- 07/2016

 - Training with Debbie Witty, SMS Qualified Fitter and owner of Performance Saddlery Trilogy Saddles

Apprenticeship with Anthony Cooper from 2000 - 2010

Josh at the Saddlery Training Centre with Mark Romain

An article written about us in the Equine Journal Northeast

Craftsmanship and customer service are Siegel Saddlery's top priorities. Owner Joshua  M. Siegel takes pride in presenting his customers with top-notch work."I consider my work the highest quality repair you can get" says Siegel.  Siegel Saddlery specializes in English saddle repairs, including saddle fitting and re-flocking and general tack repair. In addition to  traditional English saddle repairs, Siegel specializes in side-saddle restoration. 

Siegel Saddlery got its start following Joshua M. Siegel's 10-year  apprenticeship under saddler Anthony Cooper, in which he worked his way  from apprentice to assistant doing full service saddle fitting and  repairs. During his apprenticeship, Siegel trained under two Master  Saddlers in England before starting his own business.

Based in Royalston, Massachusetts, Siegel Saddlery's service area for saddle fitting covers Central New England; including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Southern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Siegel makes barns calls, inspecting the saddle's fit on the horse and flocking  the saddle on site. "A general rule for saddle fitting is that if you  are riding more than a couple times a week you should have your saddle fit twice a year" explains Siegel. "If you're riding less than a couple  times a week, you should have it fit once a year." A correctly fitted and flocked saddle is critical to keeping your horse comfortable and  healthy.

Repairs are available to any location through mail delivery. Simply contact Siegel Saddlery for a quote. Siegel Saddlery strives for a timely  service. "Most of the time I can get saddles returned within two weeks" says Siegel. Customers can be certain that repairs will be completed & tack returned promptly within the promised time frame.


Siegel Saddlery believes in caring for the customer. This means maintaining  good lines of communication, providing quick service, and offering competitive pricing. "I enjoy taking pride in my craftsmanship, doing quality work, and ensuring that the clients are happy with the repairs." Siegel Saddlery provides quality work that stands the test of time and use.

By Natalie DeFee Mendik, Equine Journal Northeast, April 2011

Note: As of 10/13/2015 we no longer travel to Maine. As of 2018 we no longer travel to Connecticut.

Community Involvement

We have provided support to a variety of organizations including: